The Laneway Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

We believe that laneways have at the potential to be vibrant, living spaces, and that thriving public spaces help to create strong neighbourhoods, communities and cities.  


Our work falls into 3 streams: 

  1. We work in partnership with the development and design community to improve and activate laneways.
  2. We work with municipalities and other stakeholders to create laneway friendly policies and procedures.  
  3. We develop resources and host events to inspire and support residents, community groups, businesses and other stakeholders in improving and making better use of laneways. 
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Our services include:

Laneway Master Planning

  • Conduct place-based laneway assessments

  • Develop project visions, master plans and implementation plans for individual laneways

  • Provide planning advice on laneway revitalization as part of neighbourhood planning exercises

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Plan, coordinate and manage public consultation processes

  • Engage and bring together diverse stakeholders to support project planning and implementation

  • Create local advisory groups to support project implementation

Policy and Best Practice Research

  • Conduct research into laneway best practices from around the world and apply them to the local context

  • Work with municipalities to support the development of public realm policies that support laneway transformation

Activation Planning and Implementation

  • Plan and implement laneway greening projects, pop-up activations and transformations
  • Build support for projects among local stakeholders, municipalities, and decision makers
What defines a character of a city is its public space, not its private space.
— UN-HABITAT Executive Director Joan Clos i Matheu (Placemaking and the Future of Cities, Project for Public Spaces, 2012; p.1)